• The Pizza Bib is a patented pizza box.

We have had an outrageous positive response with so many people loving the Pizza Bib so naturally, we say "of course". If you are unsure please ask for some free samples so you can show them.

Both. Just message us to find out how you can get the Pizza Bib in your store today.
Yes, all our boxes are made with premium food safe board. All boxes have been scientifically tested to comply with food safe regulation.
They come flat packed in bundles (sleeves) of 100 boxes.
When creating our patented Pizza Bib box we made sure this was the most important aspect. Our tear away neck piece is sealed until the user chooses to tear. We have tested and retested to make sure that your pizzas are perfect for delivery.
We recommend you use the Pizza Bib to protect yourself from the mess and have a whole lot of fun.
Pizzerias need strong promotions to stand out in the crowded fast food market. The pizza bib turns an ordinary pizza box into a fun, active shareable promotion. A client study has shown for every pizza bib sold 13.7 interaction (likes, comments, shares views) are made on social media. The Pizza Bib is also a unique way to personalize your brand and interact with your customers.
We sell boxes of all shapes and size. Generally from 6" - 25" but we can also do custom sizes for those extra large pizzas that are 36”!!
We will deliver directly to store in every country through our global shipping and distribution partners. Feel free to message us for a free quote.
Yes, you can. There are no limits to how far you would like to go. We have our own Pizza Bib design team which can help you through every step of the design process or you can design the boxes in-house using our Pizza Bib template. We use Flexographic printing deliver a high quality printed box, fully customizable on the inside and out.
Yes, we have a financial partner which can help your business get the Pizza Bib into your shop and payment made on a weekly basis.

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